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Best Dog Breeds for Outdoor Living



There are certain people who tend to live very much in communion with nature. It does not necessarily mean they live in the forest, just that they have a healthy appreciation of nature and enjoy being outside along with it. These people often spend their free time enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Many also appreciate having a dog that can be a welcome companion during such trips. Not all dogs are made for the rigors of outdoor living. There are however certain breeds that thrive very well in such an atmosphere and can easily sleep in the outdoors alongside their masters.

A good way at arriving at just such a breed would be to consult with a specialist.  Organizations like Purebred Breeders, LLC are very useful in helping people find the perfect match of dog to their lifestyle. You can easily access their service online on and get advice on not only the best breeds, but also where you can find them. When you get a puppy, it is vital that you know they have been well treated to avoid socialization problems. Purebred Breeders, LLC is a good resource for finding reputable dog breeders and the available selection of dogs they offer currently.

  • Vizsla

Although not a particularly common breed, the vizsla is growing in popularity because of its energetic and affectionate nature. The breed forms strong bonds with its owner and is highly intelligent. This makes them easy to train and obedient. Their energetic nature and athletic build make them ideal for outdoor excursions. Its coat although short haired is dense allowing it plenty of protection from the elements.

  • Rough collie

Also known as the Scottish collie, this breed was originally used to herd sheep. It is a very intelligent animal that is also obedient. When you go out you do not need to worry about him not listening when you call. He is also a very affectionate animal and can be well suited to family situations. It is very playful and does thrive in outdoor environments. This however does mean you should also have a spacious home so he can run around when you are not around. His coat while thick enough to offer him protection from adverse weather does require a fair bit of attention to keep it presentable.

  • Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a great breed both indoors and outdoors. Commonly chosen as a guard dog, he is very athletic and enjoys outdoor activity. The breed is very alert to sounds and obediently takes commands when properly trained.  When properly socialized it is also amiable when meeting other animals. Natural instinct may sometimes cause it to try to herd children if it feels they are unsafe. It can do well in cold climates and its coat requires minimal care.

  • German shepherd

Another protective breed that does very well in the outdoors is the German shepherd. It is very agile and can cover a large amount of ground in a short time. Its dense hairs and double coat help keep it protected, even in cold weather.  It is a very intelligent breed that can be easily trained to take commands and is very loyal. It is a breed that loves its owners very much and can be sure to stay close wherever you go.

  • Australian shepherd

As its name suggests, this medium sized breed was used to protect and control herds of sheep. It does very well in outdoor conditions and is very energetic. It has great stamina and requires owners that are very active in order to satisfy its mental and physical needs. It has a double coat that helps keep it weather resistant and requires a brush once or twice a week. It has a loyal and obedient nature, but bonds so close to its owners that when at home it is better kept indoors.

  • Siberian husky

A highly popular choice of outdoor dogs, the Siberian husky is very hard working. Most people are familiar with its use in pulling sleds. Its thick coat makes it better suited to cold environments and only requires a once or twice weekly brush. It is however not much of a guard dog as it is friendly with all. If you are looking for an energetic and fun loving outdoor dog, it is a good choice. It can however often wander off to explore and have a bit of a stubborn temperament requiring a firm owner.

When you go out for a day or more, you want to be assured that your pet will be just as enthusiastic about the excursion as you are. These breeds are particularly popular for their ability to enjoy themselves yet still remain obedient when in unpredictable surroundings. Their natural temperament makes them a great choice and will ensure a happy household, wherever you are.